15 revolutionary travel tips to travel light and organized!

Traveling is one of life's greatest experiences, but getting ready can quickly become a real headache. Between the anxiety of forgetting something and the challenge of fitting everything into your luggage, stress can quickly take over. Fortunately, there are simple and ingenious tips to make your life easier and your travels even more enjoyable. Ready to discover these little pro secrets? Follow the leader !


Stéphane Leblanc

6/5/20243 min read

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Palmiers au Mexique

1. Store your clothes per day in sachets

The most dreaded step: to make your suitcase! To forget nothing and simplify your life, a great tip is to put your clothes a day in day in ziploc sachets. Simply register the name of the day on each sachet, and voila! No more panic, you will have everything on hand.

2. Cut the large bags to make small

Recalible and clever tip: Take a large Ziploc bag, slide an aluminum plate inside and cut it into several parts using a heated knife. You will get pretty little reusable sachets!

3. The must-have: the accessories organizer

An organizer of felt accessories will make your life easier to store cables, USB keys, memory cards and other essential little things.

4. Transfer your cosmetics to mini-contested

Why do tons of products ride when a few drops are enough for a short stay? Transfer makeup remover, micellar water ... in small reusable bottles. You will gain a precious weight and space!

5. A Kinder shell to store your jewelry

The jewelry, these little things that are lost so easily ... Slide them in a Surprise Kinder plastic shell transformed into a jewelry mini-cooking thanks to a hook. Amazing but very effective!

6. Store your earrings on buttons

This tip is a real little genius! To no longer lose your earrings in the dark of your makeup bag, just hang them on huge buttons using a drop of hot glue. A saving of space and time guaranteed!

7. A toothbrush case for your brushes

Why take the lead when the solution is before our eyes? A simple toothbrush case makes an excellent makeup door door for travel. A little practical and very light container!

8. Make a too cute travel cushion

A traveler cushion is so much more comfortable to take a nap at the airport or in transport. So customize a cushion in the shape of a donut too cute from an inflatable buoy covered with fleece. An object that is both cute and ultra-practical!

9. Your mini first aid kit

To deal with a very small emergency, make a mini first aid kit in a small box. Add mesh strips to store medication in a prescribed manner. This tiny kit can slip anywhere!

10. The ideal suitcase piece by room

Thanks to these different tips, you will never travel the same way again! From darling organizers to zero waste accessories, including smart storage, you have all the elements to compose the suitcase of your dreams.

11. Save a lot of time when departure

By putting everything in advance in advance, you will save precious time on D -Day. No more stress of finding nothing or forgetting something essential! Your belongings will already be carefully prepared.

12. Optimize space in your luggage

By miniaturizing as much as possible and focusing on compact storage, all these small tips will allow you to better optimize space in your suitcases and travel bags.

13. Minimize the weight of your luggage

Fewer bulky bottles, fewer superfluous products ... Thanks to these zero waste and minimalist techniques, you will travel definitively lighter! A little weight for big savings savings.

14. Adopt a more ecological lifestyle

These tips also have a positive impact on the environment. By favoring reusable products and miniaturizing your containers, you will considerably reduce your waste. A simple gesture for the planet!

15. Reusable sachets for more organization

Ziploc sachets and other small waterproof containers are real allies to organize your travel belongings. Beyond the clothes, you can also store your electronic accessories, jewelry, toiletries ... Everything will be well ordered and easy to access.

By following these precious advice, you will become a real pro of the organization for ever more serene and pleasant trips. Ready to take the challenge ?

How to do not forget anything by doing your suitcase?

The best tip is to store your belongings by travel day in separate sachets. Simply register the name of the day on each sachet to be sure you planned everything.

How to optimize space in your suitcase?

Transfer your liquid products (makeup remover, micellar water ...) to small bottles. Store your accessories such as cables, jewelry, brushes in compact kits/organizers. And make bags and fabric kits to save space.

How to store your jewelry on a trip without losing them?

A great tip is to slip your jewelry into a surprise Kinder plastic shell with a hook. No one will imagine!

Are there clever storage for earrings?

Yes, you can easily hang your earrings on huge buttons with a little hot glue. A space gain and you will no longer lose them!

How to store your makeup brushes during a trip?

A simple toothbrush case has an excellent gateway to travel. A practical container that does not take up space.

How to make an original travel cushion?

With an inflatable buoy for children covered with fleece, you can easily make an adorable Donut -shaped travel cushion.

How to easily create a mini first aid kit?

Take a small box and add guilty cardboard strips to properly store medications. A tiny but essential kit!

How to sew a fabric travel bag without machine?

Follow the step-by-step tutorials to simply assemble pieces of fabric using decorative rivets, without having to sew.