Cuba et ses magnifiques plages

Welcome to Cuba, a bewitching island bathed by the Caribbean sun and imbued with a rich history and a vibrant culture. This tropical paradise is full of breathtaking landscapes, picturesque colonial cities and immaculate white sandy beaches. Prepare to be seduced by the bewitching beauty of this Caribbean jewel.

Havana, the lively capital of Cuba, is a must. This fascinating city is a delicious mixture of colonial colonial buildings, classic American cars from the 1950s, animated cobbled streets and catchy salsa rhythms. Lose yourself in the alleys of the old town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and soak up its historical charm.

If you are looking for paradise beaches, Varadero is the ideal place. With its kilometers of white sand and its sparkling blue crystalline waters, this seaside resort is a real haven of peace. Relax under the tropical sun, dive with snorkel among colorful coral reefs or enjoy thrilling nautical activities.

Another essential place in Cuba is the Valley of Viñales, a breathtaking natural landscape. This picturesque region is famous for its mogotes, spectacular limestone hills which emerge from the earth such as a natural sculpture. Explore the tobacco plantations, take a horse along the green trails and visit the mysterious caves that dot the valley.

The colonial city of Trinidad, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a real gem. Its cobbled streets, its colorful houses and its animated central place transport you over time. Be sure to visit the fascinating museums, listen to live music in local bars and soak up the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this charming city.

Finally, do not leave Cuba without exploring the preserved beaches of Cayo Coco. Located on the north coast, this paradise island offers white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, bordered by majestic palm trees. Immerse yourself in crystal clear waters to discover colorful marine life or just relax under the hot sun and let your worries faint.

Cuba is a hidden treasure that only asks to be discovered. From captivating historic cities to breathtaking natural landscapes, each corner of the island offers a unique experience. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty, culture and warm hospitality of Cuba. Welcome to this Caribbean paradise!