Hardside suitcase sets, our choices for 2024

We have selected 5 sets of high-performance suitcases for traveling.


Stéphane Leblanc

3/28/20241 min read

Photo montrans plusieur valise
Photo montrans plusieur valise

5: AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage Set:

Material: Extra-thick ABS

Dimensions: 50/61/71cm

Expandable for 15% additional storage capacity

Features: Extension system, telescopic handle, silent casters

4: Heys America Neo Set:

Lightweight polycarbonate

Fully lined interior with zippered divider and pockets


Features: Lightweight, 4 swivel casters, grab handle

3: Olympia Apache II set:

Impact resistant ABS



2: Delsey Paris Axance Ensemble:

Material: Lightweight polycarbonate

Dimensions: 55/65/77cm

Weight: 2.5/2.9/4 kg

Features: Ergonomic handle, integrated zipper pulls, double casters

1: Samsonite Omni Set:

Material: Ultra-resistant polycarbonate

Dimensions: 55/66 cm and 67/78 cm

Weight: 2.3 and 3.2 kg

Features: Double swivel casters, integrated TSA lock, telescopic handle

Valise OlympiaValise Olympia
Kit de Valise Samsonite omni 2Kit de Valise Samsonite omni 2
Trois valise DelseyTrois valise Delsey
Trois Valise Heys America NeoTrois Valise Heys America Neo
Trois valise Amazon Basic BleuTrois valise Amazon Basic Bleu