Varadero for the first time


Plage a Varadero
Plage a Varadero

Varadero, a little corner of Cuban paradise

As soon as the plane began its descent towards Varadero airport, we were captivated by the beauty of the landscapes available to us. This twenty kilometer strip of land, bordered on one side by lush vegetation and on the other by the immensity of the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, already promised us an idyllic stay.

As soon as we set foot on these beaches of fine, pristine sand, we felt a wave of serenity wash over us. No more stress, no more worries, just this delicious feeling of having found a little corner of paradise just for the two of us. We rushed to book a room with a sea view in one of these magnificent resorts all along the beach to be able to fully enjoy it.

Our days in Varadero quickly transformed into a gentle routine lulled by the tranquil rhythm of the waves: long lie-ins sipping our coffees on the balcony admiring the sunrise over the ocean, sunbathing sessions interspersed with refreshing baths, walks hand in hand along the endless beach... A real treat for nature lovers like us!

But Varadero also has its share of surprises and activities in store for us. One day, we opted for a catamaran excursion off the coast to observe the seabed with its rich biodiversity. Another time we visited the Cueva del Satiro, this mysterious cave decorated with rock paintings of the ancient inhabitants of the island. An unforgettable day !

The evenings were as lively as the days were quiet, we let ourselves be carried away by the festive atmosphere in the streets of Varadero. Discotheques with an electric atmosphere, cabarets with an assumed Cubanness, crowded bars where cocktails flowed freely... It's hard to resist the energetic charm of the local nightlife!

In the end, this stay in Varadero will remain engraved in our memories as one of the most beautiful moments shared together. This Cuban seaside resort has delighted us, with its breathtaking landscapes, its varied activities and its endearing local culture. A place that we will definitely recommend to all our friends for their next Caribbean vacation!